Official Statement – Republican Tax Plan

For immediate release
November 2, 2017

Official Campaign Statement
Anita Malik, Candidate for U.S. House/CD06 on Republican Tax Plan 

The American tax system is fundamental to building strong systems of support for our communities. It is working correctly when hard work allows you to get ahead and when everyone, including corporations, pays their fair share.

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is NOT a plan for middle class Americans, it is 100% about providing corporate tax relief without any guarantee of job creation.

By cutting several commonly used deductions, including medical expense deductions and state and local tax deductions, the Republican plan is simply giving from one hand and taking from another for millions of Americans. Many Americans will see little to no savings at all.

The idea of trickle down economics to boost the economy has failed before. We must learn from history as we create policy, and study the impacts of these flawed choices on our future and the federal deficit. We must ask the important questions. How will this be paid for? Where is the plan to ensure that corporations will indeed create more jobs, where is the requirement? There isn’t one.

Together, we must work toward a tax package that relieves the burden on American families while also supporting and fueling our small businesses. It is time to close corporate tax loopholes. Give credits only to corporations that support the American worker. Incentivize the development of a healthy and competitive workforce. Cut corporate taxes only for corporate good – child care, equal pay, wellness programs, cost of living increases, job creation.  

As a member of Congress, I will fight to make our country competitive again and that fight doesn’t start or end with corporate tax cuts. The focus must be on quality, affordable and competitive education. We must rebuild our public schools, provide early education opportunities to all American children and support free community college and trade programs across the country. We must ensure that immigration policies support industry and unite families, allowing them to achieve financial security here in Arizona and across the country.

With the right plan, rebuilding the American Dream is possible. I will work to set us on that path.

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