Building an Economy of the Future

The jobs of today aren’t guaranteed to be here tomorrow. As a country, we must look forward. We must create well-paying jobs in emerging industries and in sectors proven to benefit local communities.  

As a tech executive and small business owner, I recognize that every issue is a jobs issue. With each piece of legislation we must ask ourselves how it will affect jobs. I believe, without hesitation, that workers always deserve a seat at the table.

I will introduce a comprehensive and innovative jobs plan, designed to target growth where it is most needed, expand innovation, unite community resources and ultimately create well-paying, secure jobs that move us forward. 

I will also fight to preserve our wealth, as I know this is an economic, social and moral issue.  

The distribution of wealth in our country shows an alarming divide. Income hasn’t kept up with the cost of living out the most basic version of the American Dream.  

Reports show that working full time at minimum wage isn’t enough to afford rent on a basic apartment anywhere. More than 4 million homeowners are still underwater. And the average cost of childcare for kids up to 4 years old is sometimes more than the average cost of in-state college tuition.

Meanwhile, our tax code favors only those who earn the most.

An economy built on struggling, overworked and overstressed workers is not an economy that works for all of us. It cannot thrive, it cannot innovate. It cannot survive.

I support: 

  • Protecting and promoting home ownership.
  • Lifting the cap on taxable income for Social Security, to strengthen and protect the program. 
  • Universal quality early education and childcare programs. Every family deserves the benefit of early education during a child’s most formative years.
  • Simplifying our tax code for families and small businesses.
  • Creating well-paying jobs built for the future by promoting innovation.
  • Raising the minimum wage and tying it to inflation. 
  • Investments in low-income areas with interest-free loans for new business owners. The opportunity to create personal wealth is a family's way out of the cycle of poverty.  

No one should ever have to choose between housing, childcare, health care or food.

Download Anita's "Healthy Worker, Healthy Economy" White Paper 

Preserving Our Health

Download Anita's "Keeping Families Healthy" White Paper

We are spending more to protect our health than ever before, but we aren’t any better off. Emergency and chronic medical expenses are burdening families with debt. Preventive solutions aren’t universally available and new innovation is largely underfunded or over burdened by regulations.

Health care is a right we must protect. No one should ever have to decide if they can afford to seek treatment or not.

I believe it is our moral responsibility to provide quality, low-cost coverage for every American.

I support universal healthcare such as Medicare-for-All. But, should our political divide make this a challenge over the next two years, I also know our families in crisis shouldn't have to wait two years because of politics.

Therefore, I offer solutions for building out the ACA to cover more people and reduce costs immediately, while creating a path toward a single payer system.

Let’s expand our coverage, modernize our health care system, and strengthen our current foundation.

We can improve the quality of care, increase coverage and reduce costs by:

  • Lowering the age to automatically qualify for Medicare to age 55. 
  • Offering Medicare as a buy-in option for uninsured and underinsured people, including individuals most vulnerable to losing coverage. Gradually opening the buy-in option to everyone in need offers an opportunity to have reliable health care coverage. Buy-in rates are based on income. 
  • Strengthening pre-existing conditions protections. 
  • Expanding coverage and resources around mental and behavioral health. 
  • Establishing an independent national health data repository sharing system across states to improve efficiency and quality of care. 
  • Creating a nationwide Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances system drastically reduces medication errors, thwarts overprescription, reduces fraud and saves lives by countering the opioid epidemic - Saves at least $27-$53 billion a year. 
  • Standardizing health care rates and treatments to ensure fair and transparent indexed prices. 
  • Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, medical devices and equipment while strengthening existing negotiation protections for other public programs - Saves at least $134 billion over a 10-year period. 
  • Combining certain administrative aspects of Medicare, Medicaid, VA and CHIP to increase efficiency and longevity while cutting down on administrative costs.

For more of Anita's vision and her solutions for health care, read her "Keeping Families Healthy" White Paper

Immigration Policies that Work

We are all immigrants. One of us is no different than the other, except for how long our families have called America home. Our current immigration system has forgotten this.

We can and we must have strong borders, but our approach must be compassionate and economically sound. 

I support: 

  • Policies that unite families and bring diverse talent to our country.
  • A swift path to citizenship for Dreamers.
  • Supporting and protecting migrant workers and ensuring they are paying their fair share of taxes.

Read Anita's Immigration white paper. Download it here. 

Public Education

Public schools are the foundation of our success, yet they are severely underfunded here in Arizona and across the country.

Our community’s financial security depends on the education of our children. If we want to attract innovation and high-paying jobs to the Valley of the Sun, we must invest in our future talent.

Public schools are already struggling, and now we must also battle against Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ mission to shift federal funding away from public schools into voucher programs to support for-profit and religious schools.  

  • I will defend our public schools so our children have the skills to compete in the global economy.
  • I will fight for free and affordable post-secondary educational options including trade programs.
  • I will stand up for refinance programs for outstanding college debt.


The Digital Age

Our government lacks the spirit of innovation. We are lagging behind, slow to adapt to and adopt modern technologies. I will work to bring the notable advances of the private sector to the public sector and to educate representatives and voters on innovative tech solutions.

  • I will explore how blockchain technologies can be used to make our cities smarter, safer and more efficient while clarifying and simplifying current laws affecting the technology.
  • I will work to expand public wi-fi. Information is the great equalizer and we must expand access to it.
  • Net Neutrality must be protected.
    When broadband companies are granted the power to speed up, slow down, censor or block certain sites, we lose a crucial part of our democracy. Our ability to access and share information online can’t be dictated by a handful of pay-to-play entities.Net Neutrality propels innovation, grants us a balanced choice of media and means social movements have an organic platform.

    I support a free and open internet.

Closing the Gap

Research shows that female managers are highly effective; women CEOs deliver strong returns, yet women continue to fight to be equal at work.  

Female college graduates earn an average of $10,400 less than males when starting their careers, and the divide continues all the way up the ladder.

This is not a feminist issue. Closing the pay gap is an economic and social issue that impacts our ability to succeed as a country. Women are leaving the workforce at an alarming rate. This is not talent we can afford to lose.

I will stand up for equal pay.

Our Environment

99% of scientists agree, our climate is changing and humans are the cause. The environment is shared by us all and it is our collective responsibility to protect it for future generations.

  • I will defend marginalized communities who too often bear the brunt of environmental degradation.
  • I will expand the use of and increase investments in renewable energy.
  • I will never support fracking and never put corporate profits ahead of the health of our state and our protected lands.

Gun Safety

We can and must be consistent with the Second Amendment and still protect our families from senseless violence. This protects responsible gun owners just as much as it does everyone. Let’s protect our rights by making sure they aren’t abused.


  • I will fight for background checks for every person and every transaction, no excuses.
  • I will work to end loopholes at gun shows for third party sellers.
  • I will stand up to ban weapon accessories and augmentation that allow criminals to legally go around the law and endanger our families.

Unrigging Elections

Our democracy can’t be for sale. The voice of the wealthiest cannot outweigh the voice of the rest of us combined.

I support overturning Citizens United and eliminating super PACs.

But that is not enough to preserve our Democracy.

  • I will work to protect and expand voter rights and improve accessibility.
  • I will work to ensure voting booths are secure from hacks by investing in encryption and blockchain technologies.
  • I will fight for transparency so voters always know who is truly paying for the ads they see.

I will fight to end corruption and corporate influence over politicians and our political system.


Who we love should never divide us. The government shouldn’t get to decide what we do with our families.

I support:

  • Equal marriage rights including adoption, health care benefits and hospital visitation.
  • Protections for transgender people from discrimination and violence.
  • Ensuring schools are safe for kids, no matter how they identify.

Disability Rights and Protections

Twenty-eight years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Americans with disabilities still struggle with accessibility to housing, transportation, employment, education and other public accommodations. Everyone, disabled or not, deserves access to these basic necessities.
I support:
  • Strengthening the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Policies that provide equal access, prohibit discrimination, encourage hiring and provide quality, affordable health care for those with disabilities.

Marijuana Reform

I believe we should end the federal prohibition of marijuana and allow states to decide for themselves how to best regulate its use and sale. States that have legalized and regulated have seen economic booms and reductions in crime.

  • We should support federal marijuana reform that allows states to decide for themselves how to regulate the taxation and sale of recreational marijuana. The federal government should not interfere.
  • We should legalize medical marijuana nationwide. No person should be denied the medicine they need because of outdated laws.
  • We must allow legal marijuana businesses to utilize traditional financial tools and banks to run their businesses. 


Our veterans have fought hard to keep our country safe. They’ve taken care of our families and sacrificed their own well-being for the sake of ours. Now, it’s imperative we take care of them.

I support:

  • Combining administration of our single-payer medical systems — VA, CHIP, Medicare and Medicaid. One administration entity with several branches will be more efficient to operate than separate entities as they currently are. This means we can use that money to hire new doctors, open additional clinics, and increase the rate of inspectors.
  • A program that surveys veterans about how the VA should be improved.
  • H.R. 5593 which protects veteran spouses who entered without authorization, to pursue a legal path to permanent residency.
  • An individual’s preference to choose their own doctor — an expansion of the Obama-era program to give veterans who want to go elsewhere a stipend to do so.
  • Providing better mental health care, comprehensive reentry programs and affordable housing options.

Criminal Justice Reform

As Americans, we must ensure our justice system works for all of us. One in four inmates in the world are incarcerated in the United States. It’s time to make reasonable changes that strengthen our justice system, while keeping our communities, families and law enforcement safe.    

I support

  • Reforming mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent offenders.
  • Eliminating private prisons over a period of time and transitioning inmates into public prisons to ensure a justice system independent of financial incentives.
  • Prioritizing rehabilitation, care and treatments for inmates with substance abuse problems and mental illness.
  • Reducing recidivism rates with educational and vocational opportunities.   
  • Making investments in body camera availability and training programs for police departments.

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