Primary Election Voter Guide

 Elections Department Hotline: (602) 506-1511

The primary election is on August 4, 2020.

Return your mail ballot, postmarked by July 29th, or drop it off at a voting location. Find your closest voting location and check its availability. (Note: Some locations only have a drop-off box for returning mail-in ballots).

Other Voting Questions

Your ballot must be postmarked by Wednesday, July 29th. This ensures it arrives on time. 

You may check on your early ballot or confirm its status once returned here.

Yes. You may request a Democratic ballot at your voting location on election day or at an early voting center. 

Driver license OR identification card OR federal identification OR Tribal enrollment card. For more options check here.

If you want to drop off your mail ballot at a voting location, you may skip the in-person voting line. Remember, after July 29th, the only way to ensure your ballot is received on time is to drop it off at a voting location. 

Unfortunately, the registration deadline for the August 4th election has passed. But you can register for the November general election here.