Why Anita? Compare the Candidates.

Primaries make us stronger. They give us the opportunity to ask the tough questions, to choose who best represents our values and to select the Democrat who can win in November.

After swinging the district 14 points in November 2018, Anita Malik is best positioned to flip this seat. Only a movement can beat Rep. Schweikert. 

Find a comparison of the top issues below. Plus, ten reasons why Anita stands out as the right choice to lead us to change.

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Compare the Candidates

Platform Comparison Based on Candidate Websites

*As of 7/9/2020
 Anita MalikHiral TipirneniStephanie RimmerKarl Gentles
Health CareWe must move boldly away from employer-based coverage to guaranteed health care for all. However, if we’re unable to pass a Medicare-for-All solution, I’ll take meaningful, urgent steps to strengthen the ACA and build the foundation for universal health care. We must offer Medicare as a strong and affordable option for the uninsured and underinsured; automatically enroll newborns; end surprise billing and lower prescription drug prices.

I support health for all.  We must protect against the attacks on our health care, while also fighting for a future where people are the priority, not profits. My family knows the pain of the system today..”

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A Medicare buy-in option and lowering prescription prices.

Healthcare is a moral obligation, but it is never “free.” Everyone eventually needs healthcare, so everyone should have health insurance.”
Adding a public option to the ACA and Medicare for kids.

“Every American deserves the public option that gives us the ability to buy in bulk as individual consumers just like we do when shopping at retail warehouses.”

Adding a public option to the ACA and making health care portable. 

“Health care is a human right…. I support a public option added to the ACA that provides a bridge for when times are hard.” 


Continuing monthly economic relief to Americans; providing small business assistance during COVID-19 and recovery; protecting and promoting home ownership; establishing greater housing and rental protections; securing paid, medical and sick leave; enforcing equal pay; raising the minimum wage to a livable wage and tying to inflation; expanding production of necessities to strengthen our supply chains; ensuring stronger labor and fair trade policies; strengthening Social Security and investing in low-income areas with interest-free loans for small business owners.  

Training and re-training programs; simplifying the tax code to benefit the middle class; promoting apprenticeship programs and post-secondary education. Growing trade and recapture tax policy for startups and small business owners.Offering various tax credits; supports a livable wage; infrastructure investments. 
Campaign Finance and Ethics Reform

Refuses corporate PAC money and doesn’t self-fund her campaign; overturning Citizens United and eliminating super PACs; securing our elections; public financing of elections; national automatic voter registration; ending gerrymandering; requiring tax returns of elected officials, prohibiting them from owning individual stocks and enacting a lifetime ban on lobbying once they leave office.

Read Anita’s “Restoring Our Voice” pledge and plan for more solutions.

No position listed.No position listed.No position listed.
Criminal Justice ReformReforming mandatory minimum sentencing and ending cash bail for nonviolent offenders; banning chokeholds; eliminating private prisons and prioritizing rehabilitation; requiring independent federal investigations when someone is seriously harmed or killed by police; ending qualified immunity and civil forfeiture; establishing a national registry on police misconduct to ensure accountability; demilitarizing police and investing in social workers, training programs and body cameras.No position listed.No position listed.Restrict qualified immunity; investing in body cameras and training; requiring agencies to report misconduct; reforming civil service board and establishing citizen review boards.
EducationWorking toward eliminating student debt and free and affordable tuition for public colleges and universities; universal quality early education; closing the majority-minority schools funding gap and working with state leaders to prioritize educator pay.Promoting apprenticeship programs and post-secondary education.Federally-funded pre-k.No position listed.
Gun SafetyUniversal background checks; closing loopholes; ban on acquiring assault weapons; federal database on firearm sales and data for prevention and research.Background checks and closing loopholes. No position listed.Closing loopholes.
Climate ChangeEnding fossil fuel subsidies; a tax on carbon emissions; expanding investments in renewables; ending fracking to protect our health, communities and environment; defending marginalized communities; rejoining the Paris Agreement and leading a global effort to combat climate change.Rejoining the Paris Agreement; carbon credits and investments in solar. Invest in renewable energy.No position listed.
Marijuana Reform, Disability Rights, Veterans, Technology, LGBTQ and Women’s rights and More.View all of Anita’s positions here.