Official Statement – Joe Arpaio’s Bid for Senate Seat is Unacceptable

For immediate release
January 9, 2018

Official Campaign Statement
Anita Malik, Candidate for U.S. House/CD06 on Joe Arpaio Senate Campaign Announcement 


Joe Arpaio does not deserve the support of anyone in Arizona, including the GOP establishment.

Election day 2016 inspired my run for Congress because of two unexpected results: the intense anxiety caused by a Trump victory and the unparalleled joy of seeing Joe Arpaio booted from his once-safe sheriff seat. And I will not sit back and watch as Arpaio tries to climb his way back into Arizona leadership. 

Together, we must demand the GOP leadership renounce the Arpaio campaign and the systemic racism he perpetuated in Arizona. They should have taken this stance with Roy Moore’s problematic past in Alabama, but failed then to do so. This is not about party politics. Arpaio does not represent the inherent good that exists in America and does not deserve support from any party.

As a woman of color, I am particularly frustrated. Hate can not be accepted in our state’s leadership. I will not tolerate politics of fear. We must move forward with diversity at the helm, building ideas and making progress as a community.





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