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COVID-19: Urgent Coverage Fixes Needed

A catastrophic health event can strike at any time, chronic conditions require consistent care and other illnesses can happen even during a pandemic. We’ve seen progress made on covering testing and treatment for COVID-19, but what about basic health care for the now tens of millions newly unemployed?

What is the plan to keep them safe, covered and healthy without additional financial burden? What about those with junk plans or the uninsured in this gig economy? 

I believe we must boldly move away from employer-based coverage. But right now, we need an urgent crisis response. We need coverage fixes to the current health care structure immediately to get our families through this time. 

 If we can move politically to enact emergency Medicare coverage for all and all gaps, good. If we can’t, we have our work cut out for us to protect every American. Here are fixes we need now. 

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