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   A Pledge By Anita Malik | Fellow Constituent and Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress in AZ-06

It is time for us to take better care of the families that have sacrificed the most, by amplifying their voices and upholding our promises. I will honor the following commitments to our active service members and veterans when elected. 

CONNECT CARE AND SERVICES by improving coordination between the VA’s Veterans Health and Veterans Benefits Administrations and by utilizing my background as a tech executive to optimize congressional services.

FOSTER HEALTH for our uninsured veterans by ending outdated guidelines and income caps, co-payments and the backlog of benefits cases, while also expanding a veteran’s ability to choose their health care provider.

I will also tackle the increase in conflict-related cancers at an early stage by requiring the DOD to track toxic exposure.

ENHANCE MENTAL HEALTH CARE by securing more funding for research and preventative measures. We must establish systems to reduce depression, trauma and suicide which take into account the veteran’s combat experience and support structure.

SECURE A STRONG TRANSITION by improving services and resources for our troops to move into the civilian workforce and have well-paying jobs, particularly helping our disabled veterans with employment security and starting a business.

ADDRESS VA SHORTAGES with an adequate number of physicians, cancer specialists, career counselors and mental health therapists.

HOUSE OUR HOMELESS VETERANS by investing in affordable housing. No one who serves our country should be left on the streets. 

REUNITE OUR VETERANS with their families. We must uphold our commitment to our undocumented veterans and their spouses and reverse those deportations.

UPHOLD THE RIGHTS of all service members regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, or disability. We’re all Americans. I will fight to eliminate discrimination, sexual assault and harassment within our military.

EMPOWER OUR VETERANS’ CHILDREN by covering the cost of in-state public college and university tuition through an expansion of the G.I. Bill.  

PROTECT FAMILIES AND BENEFITS by ending the Widow’s Tax and eliminating predatory lending with a national cap on interest rates.

RAISE BASE SALARIES for early service members to ensure a living wage.

EMPOWER OUR MILITARY FAMILIES by guaranteeing universal early education, childcare and tutoring when loved ones are serving overseas.