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Poll shows Anita Malik leading AZ-6 primary and Medicare for All is top policy

Phoenix, AZ (September 10, 2019) –  John Zogby Strategies released the results and analysis of a hybrid poll of Democratic Primary likely voters, including Independent voters, within the 6th Congressional District.  More than 6 of 10 likely voters (63%) say it is time for someone new in Congress, and the top two issues in AZ-CD-6 are by far health care 49%, followed by 31% selecting environment.

By a long shot, 61% of respondents prefer the health care model that represents Medicare for All. 

“Anita Malik is the only candidate with bold plans and the solid community engagement strategy to mobilize against a Republican machine and enact solutions to the important issues like climate change and health care,” says local youth climate activist and supporter Brian Mecinas.

“This is confirmation that progressive solutions like mine are resonating. I will continue to advocate for policies like Medicare for All, and I am the only candidate in this race who has made that commitment,”  said Malik. 

Other areas of strong support in AZ-CD-6 include a candidate who is a long-time resident vs. a candidate who does not reside in district (68% to 8%). As well as a candidate with grassroots funding vs. candidate who gained funding from big, outside donors (76% to 9%).

Anita Malik leads the CD 6 Democratic field with 20% to Hiral Tipirneni’s 13%, and Stephanie Rimmer’s 12%. Malik also leads in overall favorable ratings with 40% favorability. And she has a strong lead in favorable ratings with 18 to 29-year-olds at 56%.

“At this early stage it is not unusual to see many likely voters not familiar enough or unwilling to indicate who they support as an alternative.” says John Zogby from Zogby Strategies of the 400 Democratic Primary likely voters within the 6th Congressional District. The poll was conducted on August 28th through August 30th, 2019. 

“I am encouraged with my lead and high favorability numbers,” Malik said. “I know those will only increase given this early stage of the race.” Malik is confident in her strong grassroots base in her home district and the commitment shown by her volunteers. 

Malik spoke with 200 constituents last week at a community town hall, as Congressman Schweikert hid from his duties while under investigation. Their biggest concerns were health care, the environment and the gun violence epidemic

The poll results also show Joe Biden leading the Democratic Presidential field with 31% and Elizabeth Warren in second with 22%. Joe Biden has the strongest lead over Warren among Independents. With Democrats, Biden leads Warren 29% to 25%.