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   A Pledge By Anita Malik | Fellow Constituent and Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress in AZ-06

Our Democracy can’t be for sale, and our representatives must be beholden to us. I will fight to end corruption and corporate influence over our government and restore our voices in the process. I will honor the following commitments when elected. 

As Our Representative, I Will:

  • Hold quarterly town halls that address our district’s concerns and priorities.
  • Post our office’s spending and budget priorities online for constituent review.
  • Make my official schedule public to restore integrity to our office.
  • Require extensive training and approval measures for our congressional staff to maintain high ethics and a culture of service to our constituents.  
  • Build a strong firewall between our campaign and congressional staff. 
  • Request a monthly internal review on contributions to ensure no undue influence on pending legislation.
  • Meet with constituents and grassroots organizers to prioritize for our district’s needs, not corporate lobbyists in Washington.  
  • Utilize my background as a tech executive to strengthen constituent services.

As Our Lawmaker, I Will:

  • Place a lifetime ban on lobbying for former members of Congress to end the revolving door.
  • Require tax returns of elected and appointed officials during their tenure. 
  • Promote matching public funds for small donors and disclose dark money to empower our voices.
  • End partisan gerrymandering and promote independent redistricting. 
  • Prohibit lawmakers from owning individual stocks and mandate a blind trust to eliminate conflicts of interest. 
  • Introduce a constitutional amendment that sets term limits, overturns Citizens United and eliminates SuperPACs.
  • Establish automatic voter registration and secure our elections through blockchain and encryption technology and a paper ballot audit trail.